Dwarrendelf - a fairy tale adventure

Dwarrendelf - a Fairy Tale

The fairy realms of Uldramar are being invaded. You start your quest on the
shore of the Twilight Waters. A challenge awaits you.


Here are some screenshots


To build dwarrendelf you have to build an arm processor cross-compiling toolchain. This way you can compile the rom to a format which the GameBoy Advance emulators understand i.e. the arm ELF file format. There are 2 packages which you must cross-compile: binutils ans gcc. The only thing to do is compiling binutils and gcc with ./configure --target=arm-elf. This cross-compiling site explains how. If you download the source code from launchpad.net you can see that the build.sh script contains commands like "arm-elf-gcc"

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